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Hi-Yo, Silver!


Orange: The Flower  

The Flower is an enchanting and magical African tale of a princess who obsesses over a flower at the top of a mountain. All four of her suitors travel up the mountain on a quest to bring the flower back to her. Each come back with very different results in a bid to win her heart.

Words are the most precious gift.

Directed by American animator Scott Benson.


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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


I’d love to one day involve fellow Ndns to create a proper animated work. Whether it’s a film or cartoon or a game.

I’m tired of waiting around for Disney or anyone else to get it fucking right.

Tired of them appropriating indigenous cultures so they can make cute little white feminist movies. Tired of white people creating these stereotyped Ndn characters and using their 2%mix as an excuse to do whatever they want. Tired of Ndn raised Ndns not being included in their representation.

Like yeah those movies had good things to them but they still shit all over indigenous cultures to create their little fantasies. And being excused because a white raised person gave them a thumbs up.

Why can’t we have both? A good movie with great characters and great relationships and great morals with good advice AND proper representation? It’s not as hard as they make it seem.

The more I study and prepare myself, the more I see how much bullshit their excuses are.

It isn’t hard to create black models and bases. It isn’t hard to incorporate different facial features in your characters.
How’re you gonna tell me that it’s hard to create anything but euro-centric characters but it’s still ok to incorporate false ideas and appropriated rituals/traditions/beliefs/music from indigenous cultures?

It’s easier to draw brown furred animals but not black characters? Takes too much time to get Latin@ characters right? It’s fictional so you don’t want to put Ndn characters in the film but you wanna talk about spirit animals and whatever Ndn fantasies you have in your head? Too much to add brown people but okie-dokie to get a choir to sing their traditional songs?

Fucking tired of waiting. I’ll do it myself no matter how fucking long it takes me.


AS&K does some phenomenal science and medical animation. I have no idea what these things are, but I sure want to know. And isn’t that what good illustration does?


Caldera, A Beautifully Surreal Animated Film About Mental Illness

It hurts with just how much I can relate to this.


Bison (1887) Eadweard Muybridge