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Doing some idea concepts, before I fully sketch out full concepts. Those will be coming soon!

So I’m workin’ on a little somethin’~

Working on some personalized boxes. I actually finished this one in particular and will be sending it in the mail. Until the person receives it, I can’t post the finished pictures. But a small teaser isn’t too bad!

This was when I was just starting it out. It evolves into a leopard and the rest of the box is completely personalized! :’D When I get notice that the box has found it’s way home, I’ll post full pictures of it!



Slooowwwlllyyyyy getting there…

herpin’ mah derp

Gonna leave this here again because I’ve started the animation for this~~


It’s done! This is a concept image for my upcoming project! Here you have the Spirit Wolf, a partner to the main character. :D Can’t wait to share it with everyone!
I’ll start updating more concepts and hope to start the comic around midday through June. Excitement!


Still a WIP.


Working on some art. It’s been a while, but after the cleansing, I can do it so freely.

It’s good to be back.  



Still working on my comic.

Yeah…that headdress was a pain in the ass to draw. I’m done for the night so I’ll go back to it tomorrow.