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The Ravenstag, or Nightmare Stag, from NBC’s exquisite TV series Hannibal.

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Taxidermy glass eye pendants set in recycled leather. Available NOW


Blue-Phase Wolf Taxidermy Mount by Skywalker of 


We have managed to secure a large collection of deaths heads which are currently being set by our entomologist. They will be ready in around 3-4 weeks but for those interested we will be putting half of them online for pre order. Pre ordering will ensure you get your frame as soon as they are ready, one week before they go on general sale. You’ll also receive an exclusive ltd edition death head sticker in your sticker pack! They are £50 each. Free UK shipping. Can be sent worldwide and will be going online at 12pm GMT for pre order.


Il Rustica Carnivorus


All That Remains: A Haunting Gallery of Extinct Animals in Paris

La Salle des Espèces Menacées et des Espèces Disparues, or the Room of Endangered and Extinct Species, has 257 specimens from the animal and plant kingdoms. Many are the only remaining examples of their species, such as the skeleton of a black emu (the taxidermy is so precious that it is kept in storage). Others represent a species that is on the brink of obliteration, including the Sumatran tiger. 

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Logo I drew earlier this year.

"Vulture Culture"

Leucistic Peacock

Photos and taxidermy by meddling-with-nature


Manchester, Greater Manchester, England. May 2014.